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About Palladium Hotel Group

About Palladium Hotel Group »

Palladium Hotel Group


The Palladium Hotel Group hotel chain was founded in the late 1960s in Ibiza by businessman Abel Matutes Juan, who dreamed of bringing paradise within the reach of travellers and offering them amazing experiences. He set out to design the most exclusive accommodation, based on the fundamental concepts of luxury, quality and first-class service.
He took his first steps in the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, and in the early 1990s he continued the adventure by opening several resorts in the Caribbean. He then built on his success by opening hotels in top world destinations: Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and Brazil.
In 2000, these hotels were grouped together under the name of Fiesta Hotel Group. In 2012, the group opted to update its company image and became Palladium Hotel Group, taking its name from its five-star Caribbean resorts. The aim is to convey a corporate philosophy based on excellence and on high standards of quality, as well as the drive to progress and increase the group’s international profile.
Palladium Hotel Group was created to clearly define the direction of a new stage in which the customer and human capital are the Group's priority.
  • 50 years of experience in the Spanish and worldwide market
  • Palladium Hotel Group occupies 9th place (out of 122) in the Hosteltur ranking of Spanish chains.
  • 12,814 guest rooms in 43 hotels and 10 brands, each with its own personality.
  • The group currently employs some 12,000 members of staff spread across its various lines of business in Europe and America.
  • Palladium Hotel Group is committed to equal opportunities and employs the same number of women as men.
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Mission: turn customers into FANS.
Vision: be recognised as one of the best hotel chains to work for and one of the most profitable in long term, focusing on creating value to win the hearts of customers from home and abroad.
Values: Our creed.
  • TEAM: we work as a team, and to be part of it we have to operate with integrity, honour and loyalty.
  • COHERENCE: we are coherent and consistent with our brand promise. 
  • LEARNING: we are constantly learning and promoting change.
  • VALUE: we think in terms of value rather than cost.
  • WINNING MENTALITY: we play to win, not to avoid losing.
  • CUSTOMER: to win, the customer must come first, the team second and our shareholders third.
  • SOCIAL WORK: we regard social work as an element that cultivates and strengthens our spirit and reinforces the link with our employees. 
  • PEOPLE: we recognise that people are vital for successful value creation and play a key role in our team management.
                                             o We take team training and development very seriously.
                                             o We attack and target problems, not people.
                                             o We agree to disagree.
                                             o We give freedom within a framework of action.
                                             o We seek the kind of diversity that complements and improves the whole.
Our 7 limits:
  1. We will not tolerate offensive words, dishonesty and disloyalty from collaborators, partners or suppliers. 
  2. We will not put the value of our brands at risk, it is our best insurance against adversity.
  3. We will not grow if we cannot do so profitably and sustainably.
  4. We will not place our shareholders’ family assets at risk.
  5. We will not neglect our collaborators.
  6. We will not take decisions that penalise us in the long term in exchange for good results in the short term.
  7. We will not take risks with the health and welfare of our customers and our team.
The 4 keys to the success of our service:
  • A warm, sincere welcome.
  • Anticipating and meeting our customers’ needs.
  • Addressing customers wherever possible by their name or surname and maintaining eye contact.
  • Saying goodbye with a smile and thanking them for staying with us. 

2017 HR DATA

Year on year, Palladium Hotel Group consolidates its position as a company of opportunities, creating new jobs and setting an example of trust, quality and strength. More and more people want to form part of our team, making us a worldwide benchmark in the hotel sector.
A breakdown of the Palladium Hotel Group’s 2017 annual HR balance reveals that we received 76,592 CVs, an increase of 45.7% compared to 2016. This is one of the best talent attraction indicators, a major increase in the number of unsolicited CVs received.
We demand a lot from our candidates. The quality of our product and our service means we have to. For each job vacancy we interview and give specific tests to at least 3 short-listed applicants, and we have carried out a total of 18,183 interviews. We also focus on the company itself. We believe in the employees that start and train with Palladium, so internal promotion is important to us. Proof of this is that internal promotions rose by 26% in 2017, with 1,413 employees promoted.
We continue to grow our staff without expanding territory, with the average worldwide workforce standing at 11,268 in 2017. With the same number of hotels and fewer guest rooms, we are fully committed to providing a quality product and a premium service. Our workforce has increased by 11.3% compared to 2016. We continue to create jobs and making them more stable by opting for permanent contracts.
People working for Palladium Hotel Group want to stay with us, as indicated by the very low staff turnover rate of only 3.5% in 2017 and an absentee rate of only 0.3%.
We are committed to the growth of our team. Improvements to the service and the move towards more demanding markets and customers means we are committed to improving our talent by investing in training. During 2017, we delivered a total of 196,740 training hours across 1916 courses, 92.2% more than the previous year and with a total of 32,500 participants. With a workforce averaging more than 11,000 members of staff, this figure means that each employee received more than 3 training sessions per year.
Our brand image has seen a major jump in followers on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. Talented people are interested in Palladium Hotel Group because of our ability to generate excitement, seriousness, promotion, growth and development within the competitive job market. 

Management Team

Chairman: Abel Matutes Juan

Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of the Hotel Business: Abel Matutes Prats

Deputy Chief Executive Strategic Management and Management Control: Carmen Matutes

Deputy Chief Executive: Jesús Sobrino

Director of Corporate HR and Organisation: Raúl Benito

Corporate Financial Director: Salvador Ortiz

Corporate Taxation Director: Toni Serra

Corporate Marketing and Trade Networks Director: Sergio Zertuche

Corporate Operations Director: Carmen Matutes

Corporate Purchasing and Logistics Director: Natalia Arellano

Corporate Legal Director: Inmaculada Escobar

Corporate Development and Information Systems Director: Tomás Rodicio

Chief Executive of Ayre Hoteles and Only YOU Hotels: Juan Serra

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