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Palladium Hotel Group

The Palladium Hotel Group hotel chain was founded in the late 1960s in Ibiza by businessman Abel Matutes Juan, who dreamed of bringing paradise within the reach of travellers and offering them amazing experiences. He set out to design the most exclusive accommodation, based on the fundamental concepts of luxury, quality and first-class service. He took his first steps in the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, and in the early 1990s he continued the adventure by opening several resorts in the Caribbean. He then built on his success by opening hotels in top world destinations: Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and Brazil. In 2000, these hotels were grouped together under the name of Fiesta Hotel Group. In 2012, the group opted to update its company image and became Palladium Hotel Group, taking its name from its five-star Caribbean resorts. The aim is to convey a corporate philosophy based on excellence and on high standards of quality, as well as the drive to progress and increase the group’s international profile. Palladium Hotel Group was created to clearly define the direction of a new stage in which the customer and human capital are the Group's priority.

And in 2020 we go one step further with the creation of Palladium Gestión S.L. The group reforms its organizational structure to adapt to the new times in which the company is committed to the separation between the management of real estate and the hotel operations.


Palladium Hotel Group was created to clearly define the direction of a new stage in which the customer and human capital are the Group's priority.



  • 60s
    Towards the end of the sixties, the Matutes family starts its adventure in the tourism sector with the opening of two hotels in Ibiza.
  • 70s
    In this decade, the brand FIESTA HOTELS & RESORTS is born and with it starts the enlargement of the chain in Ibiza, Minorca and Mallorca becoming one of the leaders in holiday tourism in the Spanish market.
  • 80s
    FIESTA HOTELS & RESORTS enters the Canary Islands, opening two establishments in Tenerife and a third one in Fuerteventura.
  • 90s
    In the nineties, FIESTA HOTELS & RESORTS starts its expansion in the Caribbean opening three luxurious resorts in Playa Bávaro (Dominican Republic) and an urban hotel in Santo Domingo. With this last one, FIESTA HOTELS AND RESORTS enters the city hotels sector. Not long after, two more establishments belonging to this sector are opened in Valencia and Madrid.
  • 2000
    With the new millennium FIESTA HOTELS & RESORTS keeps on growing opening its first hotel in Italy, specifically in Sicily.
  • 2002
    The chain extends its offer in the Caribbean with two new eco-resorts of great luxury in the Riviera Maya (Mexico). With the inauguration of these resorts PALLADIUM HOTELS & RESORTS is born, a new brand that includes all the high class hotels of the company.
  • 2003
    Fiesta Hotel Athenèe Palace is opened, second hotel in Italy (Sicily) and located just beside the already existing Fiesta Hotel Garden Beach.
  • 2004
    This year is quite important for the company’s enlargement and its quality policy. The chain changes its name to FIESTA HOTEL GROUP, it segments its establishments and it creates new brands for every one of them. In the beginning of the year, Fiesta Hotel Caspe is opened in Barcelona, being the fourth hotel in the urban sector of the company. The Quality policy has taken FIESTA HOTEL GROUP to make big financial investments in reforms and modernising all the facilities of the establishments. Some of the most important ones have been made in the Fiesta Hotel Palmyra (Ibiza), which has obtained its fourth star and the Fiesta Bávaro Resort & Spa (Playa Bávaro) that now is named Grand Palladium Bávaro Resort & Spa.
  • 2005
    2005 has been a year of major changes for the FIESTA HOTEL GROUP. With regard to Spain and concerning resort hotels on the island of Ibiza, the chain sold the Fiesta Hotel San Remo, the Fiesta Hotel S’Estanyol and Lido & Cap Nonó Apartments. On this very same island, the company started to work on its first Palladium resort in Spain, the Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort, which will open its doors during 2006. In relation to new purchases, another major milestone undertaken by the FIESTA HOTEL GROUP is the opening of two new city hotels in Barcelona, one on the Gran Vía and the other close to the Sagrada Familia, expected to open during 2006. This year the chain has also acquired its first plot of land in Jamaica, where the company will build a new Grand Palladium resort providing 2000 rooms.
  • 2006
    In November, the Company’s Chairman, Mr. Abel Matutes, laid the first stone of a resort that will boast 1800 rooms, the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa and the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa.The resort based in Punta Cana opened a new restaurant in the luxurious area known as “The Royal Suites”, which will provide select cuisine to the most exigent guests.In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the new “Royal Suites” have been finalised.The Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort also opened its doors, with enormous success.As the year drew to an end, the company prepared the launching of the new brand which would become part of the group as of 1st January, 2007: Ayre Hoteles, assigned to city hotels, coinciding with the opening of the Ayre Hotel Gran Vía.
  • 2007/08
    In 2007, Mr. Abel Matutes Prats was named CEO of Fiesta Hotel Group, implementing a new strategy for the company that established the doubling of the number of rooms in 5 years, standardizing of product and search for upcoming destinations as priorities. In July of 2008, two brand new resorts were inaugurated in Jamaica: the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa and the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa. These two new resorts, situated only 25 minutes from the Montego Bay Airport, offer a wide variety of facilities and services for all ages. In 2008 the company also created many improvements for The Royal Suites by Palladium brand, increasing its services with significant extras such as: butler service, VIP beaches, 24 hour room service and much, much more.
  • 2009
    A year full of improvements and positive events despite the global economic situation, Fiesta Hotel Group incorporates 3 new hotels to its brand Ayre Hotels
  • 2010
    The company continues to grow with two new hotels in Madrid scheduled to open: one on Barquillo Street, in the popular neighborhood of Chueca, and another one right in front of the AVE station in Atoche. Both hotels, under the brand Ayre, are estimated to be fully operating in the last trimester of 2011. On the other hand, and staying true to the Strategic Plan for 2007-2012 and its ambitious objectives in the area of Human Resources, Raúl Benito García joined the company as the Corporate Director of Human Resources. Mr. García boasts over 15 years of experience in this area.
  • 2011
    2011 marks a turning point for the Group. Following an agreement with Yann Pissenem, founder of the Ushuaïa Beach Club, what had been the Fiesta Club Playa d'en Bossa is renovated and relaunched as the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel. This innovative hotel concept, which aims to offer a unique and very exclusive hotel and leisure experience, quickly becomes the company's flagship hotel in Ibiza and one of the world's top destinations for clubbing at an international level thanks to a concert series and schedule of parties with the most important DJs on the scene, spectacular staging and a combination of VIP services and facilities with cutting-edge technology. By launching this hotel, continues its innovative model which began with the remodel of the Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa.
  • 2012
    Just before reaching the golden age of 50 in 2012, the Group decides to revamp its image by becoming the Palladium Hotel Group, taking its name from its five-star Caribbean resorts. The aim is to convey a corporate philosophy based on excellence and high standards, as well as a desire for progress and an interest in building an international presence. The new name unites all the sub-brands under one umbrella. The city hotels, music-themed hotels and holiday resorts are grouped into an organisational structure that leaves the door open to new future additions. The Palladium Hotel Group is created to clearly define the direction of this new stage where the customer and human capital are the Group's priority.
  • 2013
    Following two magical seasons in which Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel became a flagship hotel on the White Island, renovations begin at the neighbouring Fiesta Hotel Playa D’en Bossa, renamed The Ushuaïa Tower. This amazing eight-storey tower brings to Ushuaïa luxury suites where the very latest in design are again the key attraction. The crown jewel, the I'm On Top of the World suite, becomes the island's largest suite at 166 m2. It also boasts a roof terrace with a sky lounge with unbeatable views of Ibiza.Elsewhere, following renovations at calle Barquillo in the Spanish capital, the Group opens the Madrid Only YOU Hotel & Lounge as part of its urban brand Ayre Hoteles.
  • 2014
    After reaching an agreement with Hard Rock International to operate in Europe under license, Palladium Hotel Group opens the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza right next to the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, strengthening the Playa d'en Bossa's reputation as a premium area. This establishment, Europe's first Hard Rock Hotel, caters to all ages and types of customers, from families to young people and adults without children. It offers a wide range of VIP services complimented by an extensive selection of cuisines and leisure facilities, all in the casual, modern style of the Hard Rock brand.In addition to Ibiza, improvements are made to various Caribbean resorts. Renovations are completed at the Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spa.
  • 2015
    2015 sees many innovations at the hotel chain. First, new brand architecture is designed, which leads to a reorganisation of the brand and product portfolio and the creation of a new organisational structure, which better reflects the current state of the company. For example, several Fiesta Hotels & Resorts establishments are redesigned and adapted in order to move up in category and build on the Group's progress toward a more premium brand. The former Fiesta Hotel Don Carlos, Fiesta Hotel Cala Llonga and Fiesta Hotel Palmyra join the new Palladium Hotels brand as Palladium Hotel Don Carlos, Palladium Hotel Cala Llonga and Palladium Hotel Palmyra. To meet the brand's requirements and standards, important changes are made to communal areas and rooms at the Palladium Hotel Palmyra.
  • 2016
    The North American market is considered one of the key markets within the Group's global strategy. In addition to reorienting products and services towards meeting the demands of this target in order to improve our guest experience, the Group has also strengthened the distribution, promotion and sales structures for this market. The success of these partnerships has also helped establish our travel agent loyalty program, Palladium Connect. Through this program, Fiesta Hotel Group encourages travel partners to book at Palladium Hotels & Resorts with cash incentives. In the past year, more than 6,000 travel partners have signed up for Palladium Connect. As Palladium Hotels’ brand awareness continues to grow in North America, Fiesta Hotel Group will continue to build strong alliances.
  • 2017
    This year marks an important transition for the company, opening up new doors and opportunities as the rooms under the brand of The Royal Suites become part of the new independent 5-star luxury TRS Hotels brand. Boasting modern facilities, luxurious amenities and personalized services, these exclusive adults-only hotels are located in the most sought-after destinations of the Caribbean. Guests can enjoy an all-inclusive experience with Infinite Indulgence®, which includes à la carte restaurants, unique bars with premium beverages and entertainment on demand, among other benefits. After its success over the past few years in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, the brand will now be expanding to Europe, coming first to Ibiza in 2021.
  • 2018
    Palladium Hotel Group launches its new hedonistic luxury brand in the center of the emblematic capital of Spain: Bless Collection Hotels. Its first property, Bless Hotel Madrid, boasts outstanding features, such as an impressive selection of à la carte restaurants and bars, all under the direction of 10 Michelin star chef Martín Berasategui. In addition, 2018 also welcomes Costa Mujeres \\\\(Cancun, Mexico\\\\) and Cap Cana \\\\(the Dominican Republic\\\\). The adults-only TRS Coral Hotel and the family friendly Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa open their doors to guests looking to enjoy an all-inclusive getaway while being surrounded by nature. That same year, TRS Cap Cana Hotel opens its luxurious facilities, offering a relaxing adults-only environment to disconnect in and to enjoy the beach and marina of Punta Cana’s most exclusive zone.
  • 2019
    In summer of 2019, the company continues to add to its portfolio with Bless Hotel Ibiza and Palladium Hotel Costa del Sol. Hedonist luxury touches down in Cala Nova, an exclusive cove on the island’s north-eastern coast in Santa Eulària des Riu. With jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean Sea, impressive infinity pools, a Coco Chanel inspired rooftop and a non-stop cultural agenda of events, Bless Hotel Ibiza invites guests to experience a unique environment where they can relax and enjoy all that this Balearic paradise has to offer. Soon after, the brand Palladium Hotels expands, opening its first hotel outside of Ibiza in Benalmádena, Malaga: Palladium Hotel Costa del Sol. This family friendly hotel offers comfortable and modern rooms in front of the Mediterranean Sea, along with excellent services and amenities, including a variety that are specially made to accommodate golfers looking to enjoy the zone’s many golf clubs and courses.
  • 2020
    In 2020 Palladium Gestión S.L. was created, the result of the group's commitment to separate the management of real estate and the hotel operator into two companies. Abel Matutes Prats is the new president and Jesús Sobrino is the new CEO of Palladium Hotel Group. In response to the crisis generated by COVID-19, Palladium Hotel Group carried out many actions, such allowing the Ayre Gran Hotel Colón (Madrid) to be used for medical purposes as a hospital. In addition, the hotel group allowed 46 apartments in Ibiza to be used by the health professionals on the island. And with the goal of continuing to offer travellers a carefree holiday and protect their employees, Palladium Hotel Group partners with the world's leading industry entity, SGS, for the certification and implementation of a new safety and wellness protocol. This new protocol ensures that its 48 establishments, both in America and Europe, will continue to be safe environments. The group also offers free pandemic medical assistance insurance to its customers during their stay in its hotels.
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