Doing things as a team is doing them well. Innovation and excellence require synergies that we cannot accomplish by ourselves. That is why at Palladium Hotel Group we choose to join forces with strategic partners who have the same values, energy and ambition to grow and improve as we do. We are sure that is the optimum way to achieve any goal. Because together we are more.



Passion for sports is something that cannot be explained. It’s just a matter of feelings. And at Palladium Hotel Group we know this very well. That is why we are committed in every aspect of sports. Because, just as we have clients who become fans, we are fans of one of the most important and exciting disciplines in life: sports. We understand what generating emotions means, and we love to witness them.

fashion and technology

Being at the forefront for more than 50 years is not an easy task and at Palladium Hotel Group we are aware of this. Across the years we have reached strategic alliances to feedback a constant growth, both in innovation of services and in the creation of new and memorable experiences. Hand in hand with our partners in the world of fashion and trends, we have created unique collections that continue to position us as a leading brand.


At Palladium Hotel Group we have made sure to have the best allies so that every moment of our guests' stay ends with a toast. From morning until after midnight, those who stay at our hotels pair their moments with a sophisticated cocktail in hand or taste dishes with ingredients that surprise them in every bite. The good moments in life must be celebrated. And celebrate them well.


To go far, you need to be clear about the path and have a good co-pilot you can trust. That is why at Palladium Hotel Group we are committed to having partners who know the roadmap better than we do. Focusing now on sustainability and taking care of our environment, making the latest technology available to our clients so that they can enjoy the most spectacular locations in the world.