What is Palladium Rewards?

Palladium Rewards, the Palladium Hotel Group loyalty programme  created and designed for the customers who keep coming back.

Prepare yourself for trips without limits. Because every time you choose to treat yourself to an unforgettable time  at one of our hotels or resorts, you'll earn points you can redeem for better, new  experiences.

Welcome to Palladium Rewards. Where you can enjoy all the travel experiences our world has to offer. Because our world is your reward.


In our world you always get rewards

What benefits will I get for being a member of Palladium Rewards?

You'll get your first reward as soon as you register. When registering for              Palladium Rewards, you will receive 2,500 welcome points.

If Palladium Rewards grows, your account does too. For each friend you refer,  you’ll earn 500 points.

Being a member of the programme gives you access to exclusive offers and        discounts, so you have even more unforgettable times at our hotels and resorts. Moreover, up to 20% discount on bookings made online at our web pages or via  the call centre. It's that easy.

Earn points for every experience and use them to pay for many more. You            choose your options yourself - digitally, quickly and simply.


Elite points are the points customers accrue to get to the next programme level. Points are earned with every experience enjoyed.


Reward points are points that can be used as a payment method. Points are        earned with every accommodation experience enjoyed or reserved via direct         channels, along with purchases in restaurants and spas.


Our world is giving you a lot more

As a Palladium Rewards member youʼll go through various levels on your card depending on how many points you collect. And at each level, the benefits and exclusive treatment get even better!

If you want to level up and explore every path, you just need to keep enjoying experiences at Palladium Hotel Group hotels and earning more Elite points.

Earn points

Our world is having it all

If you're a Palladium Hotel Group customer, you'll get a reward with each experience.

Reward for every direct booking for accommodation:

When making a booking through the Palladium Hotel Group website or the group call centre, you also earn points in your Palladium Rewards account. You start earning 12 Elite and Rewards points for each euro/dollar spent. And as you level up, you will earn more points for each booking.

Reward with every indirect reservation:

Reservations made through an intermediary channel also add points: 500 Elite Points for each night reserved for all members regardless of their level.

Reward for spa and restaurant bookings:

If you're staying at one of our hotels or resorts, any services you add to your stay will also add points to your Palladium Rewards account. And even if you aren’t    staying at the hotel...you still earn points! Earn between 12 and 18 Elite and Rewards points per euro/dollar spent. And remember that the higher your level, the higher the reward.

Use points

And once the points are added to your Palladium Rewards account, you just need to think about how to enjoy them.

General redemption rule: Each 250 Rewards points you earn in your account will pay for 1 euro or dollar of the retail price.


Using points for accommodation:

Redeem your Rewards points for stays in various hotel brands belonging to the  Palladium Hotel Group. Remember, you can only pay with your Rewards Points if you book via the website or call centre.

If you want to discover your favourite hotel, you need to get to know them all. This is why we've put together a reference guide below, showing the price for      each hotel per adult per night when you pay with Palladium Rewards:


Using points in restaurants or spas:

Redeem your Rewards Points at restaurants and spas in Palladium Hotel Group resorts and hotels. Find out about the services available that you can pay for with Rewards Points once you arrive at your destination.

Combination of points and money:

We've made it easy for you, so you can enjoy your experiences hassle free. Whenever you redeem your points, if you don't have enough to cover the entire cost  of your stay or experience, you can pay partially with your Rewards Points and top up the rest with money.

*A minimum spending of 2,500 Rewards points is required.

Prices are approximate per adult and for the basic category.

They can vary depending on the occupancy levels, dates and hotel.