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Luxuriate in our hotel in Seville

Find out about the culture and leisure activities in the hotels in Seville

There are cultural and leisure activities near our hotels in Seville to see the river Guadalquivir together with the Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians who have left their customs and culture everywhere in Seville, forming part of its character. Seville is full of taverns where you can try the fine cuisine amid festivals, bright colours and gaiety emanating from its traditions and modernity. Going for tapas in the bars and taverns of Seville has become a rite for sampling the local fare, as found in the most traditional dishes, such as beef in Seville style, spinach with chickpeas or tripe, and end with a delicious dessert of tortas de aceite biscuits with olive oil, or home made mantecados from Estepa. The cuisine also includes soups and stews. The most typical bars are in the Santa Cruz or the traditional Triana districts, where you can try fried fish and a drink of sherry or Manzanilla to the rhythm of hand-clapping and flamenco in the places close to your hotel in Seville. Spring and orange blossom take over Seville for the most eagerly awaited festivals in the city. The world-famous Holy Week and its traditional processions. the April Fair with its strong folk customs, where flamenco, horses, bull-fighting and sherry take centre stage. You can also see brightly coloured festivals in one village after another, where stalls and fun Seville-style are assured until September. Another of the big festivals is Corpus Christi with a procession through the city centre. After some good wine and tapas, you can have fun at night in Seville's night spots near your hotel in Seville. The city centre has many venues in the Alfalfa area, la Plaza del Salvador and Calle Alemanes, where large numbers of people gather. There is also the Alameda zone famous for its live music and bars. Another of the more popular and attractive areas is in the magnificent María Luisa park on the banks of the river Guadalquivir, where there are pleasant terraces and many different venues where there is dancing sevillanas and all kinds of rhythms. There is a wide range of accommodation in Seville, also bars, street markets, shops and shopping centres in the city's old town and Nervión and Triana districts. You can find whop windows full of crafts, antiques, presents, jewellery, clothes and foodstuffs if you want to buy souvenirs during your time in Seville.

Practical Information

  • Documentation
    Citizens of all European Union countries need to have a national identity card or current passport to enter Spain: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.Nationals from countries outside the European Union should enquire about visa requirements at the Spanish embassy in that country.
  • Travel insurance
    No compulsory vaccinations are required to travel to Spain, according to the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs. EU citizens have the same right to health care as insured Spanish nationals if they present their European health insurance card. Apply for the European health card (EHIC) at Social Security information centres at least 15 days prior to departure. Otherwise, you must take out private medical insurance. It is recommended to take out travel insurance for faster attention.
  • Weather
    The climate in Seville is Mediterranean slightly with some continental characteristics, with minimum temperatures of 5.7ºC and maximum of over 40ºC.
  • Health care
    Health care can be obtained from:Area Centro-Hospital Virgen del Rocío: Avda. Manuel Siurot s/n. 41013 SEVILLA Emergency: 902 50 50 61 Área Noroeste-Hospital Virgen Macarena: Avda. Dr. Fedriani nº 3. 41009 SEVILLA Emergency: 902 50 50 61 Área sur- Hospital Virgen de Valme: Ctra. de Cádiz Km. 548.9. 41014 SEVILLA Emergency: 902 505 061Useful telephone numbers:Prefix: (+34) 954 Emergencies: 112 Ambulance: 061 National Police: 091 Guardia Civil: 062 Fire service: 080/085
  • Currency
    The official currency in Spain is the euro.
  • Timetable
    The official time in Spain is UTC +1, Madrid, Berlin.
  • Population
    Seville has a population of approximately 701,927.
  • Language
    The official language in Seville is Spanish.