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Unión Deportiva Ibiza


Palladium Hotel Group and Unión Deportiva Ibiza take the Ibizan essence a step further. Allies in every play, every pass and every goal. A team that makes the island vibrate in every match at the Palladium Can Misses Stadium.


We share the attitude, dedication and love for Ibiza. Together we are stronger. Together we are better. And the sky is the limit.


  • empleado1

    Presentation of the UD Ibiza 23/24 team at Grand Palladium Ibiza Resort & Spa. Event

    Unión Deportiva Ibiza presented all the players who will be part of the team in the 2023/24 season to the media at the facilities of Grand Palladium Ibiza Resort & Spa. The president, sporting director and captains unveiled the objectives and goals that the club has in this new season.
  • empleado2

    Palladium Can Misses Naming Branding

    As part of the sponsorship agreement between Palladium Hotel Group and UD Ibiza, the team's stadium was renamed Palladium Can Misses. A corporeal with the new name of the stadium was installed on the main façade.
  • empleado3

    Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza dinner Content

    At the beginning of the 2022/23 season, the team held a team dinner at the TATEL restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza to welcome the new signings and get ready for the new season.
  • empleado4

    Shooting TRS Ibiza Hotel Content

    UD Ibiza and Palladium Hotel Group organized a photo session with the new shirts for the 2022/23 season at TRS Ibiza Hotel. Gravity rooftop and the hotel suites became the setting for a unique photo session.