Palladium Hotel Group is proud to announce the incorporation of a Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre on our Costa Mujeres resort.
Learn from the champions with the instructors of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar and experience an exclusive training program encompassing Rafa Nadal´s personal values, focusing on technical, strategical and physical preparation, as well as mental training. Enjoy professional tennis instruction through a variety of programs, available for guest of all ages and levels of both TRS Coral Hotel and Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa.
Adult participants can select between private classes, a weekly tennis camp or a 3-day break tennis camp. For children, a weekly tennis program is offered from September until June, as well as a summer camp during the summer season. All players participating in group programs are matched with those of a similar age and level, creating an enjoyable experience while maximizing improvement.

Benefit from the center´s:

• 8 illuminated clay tennis courts, 3 of which are covered with a roof.
• 1 soccer field for teams of 7.
• 1 paddle tennis court.
• Bar-cafeteria with TVs to watch tennis among other sports.
• Gym for warm-ups, stretching and basic workouts.
• Exclusive exposition of Rafa Nadal objects and garments.
• Merchandising store with premium products and stringing service available.

Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre - Adults

Adult Weekly Tennis Camp

This weekly tennis training program (with a maximum of four players per coach) takes place each week throughout the year starting and ending on Sunday. Training takes place from Monday to Saturday and Sunday is for rest or to perform other activities at the resort or area. Each Monday, our coaches give players a level test and a training group is assigned depending on their level of play at the Adult Weekly Tennis Camp.

Adult Tennis Break

This is a three-day tennis training program (with a maximum of four players per coach). This program is held from Thursday to Sunday each week throughout the year. Training takes place from Thursday to Saturday and Sundays are used to rest or perform other activities at the resort or area. Each Thursday, our coaches give players a level test and a training group is assigned depending on the tennis level of each player.

Premium Program

This INDIVIDUAL tennis training program features high level personalized tennis lessons, along with a series of exclusive services that optimize the physical and psychological performance of each player and is adapted to the level and their needs. The main objectives of this personalized tennis training program are to maximize the strengths and minimize the player’s defects. The focus is on improving the performance in all areas that are worked on during the program: tennis training, physical preparation and mental training.

Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre - Childs

Summer Camp

This high-intensity tennis program is held weekly during the summer months. The program combines tennis lessons with recreational activities for youngsters between the ages of 8 and 18 years. This program is intended so that players get a high-intensity tennis experience.

Weekly Program

This weekly tennis personalized training program for kids is designed according to the characteristics of each group. It’s held every week during the months of September and June. The intensive program is aimed at players from the ages of 12 to 18 who have been playing high-intensity tennis for at least three to four years and train between six to eight hours a week. The objectives are: maximize strengths and minimize the weaknesses of the players.


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