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PALLADIUM HOTEL GROUP is a globally renowned hotel brand which pursues consistent policies for each of its sub-brands and seeks to ensure that service and customer satisfaction are the priorities for all its hotels.  
To this end, there is a PALLADIUM HOTEL GROUP Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in operation, which can be consulted in section 2.2 of the PALLADIUM HOTEL GROUP manual.
by anyone who wishes to do so and which can also be viewed by guests in every hotel.

Mission, Vision and Philosophy of the Brand
To become the leading all-inclusive beachfront luxury hotel chain with the largest international presence, based on the PALLADIUM HOTEL GROUP's overriding objective: to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. To create resorts where the guest has all that they require to enjoy the holiday of their dreams in contemporary facilities that seek to protect and conserve the spectacular natural environments in which they are set.

To provide outstanding service to guests who are seeking an unparalleled holiday experience, making the PALLADIUM HOTEL GROUP brand synonymous with service, attention and comfort.

Objective of the Brand
To establish PALLADIUM HOTEL GROUP in the most spectacular holiday idylls, ensuring that guests will savour moments that linger long in the memory in the very best holiday complexes on the market.

The PALLADIUM HOTEL GROUP concept is based on an all-inclusive luxury service for all segments including families with members of all ages, groups of friends, wedding parties, honeymooners, businesspeople and conference-goers. Guests can expect to enjoy comfort and relaxation, a wide array of amenities and a painstaking attention to detail in every aspect of our hotels, ensuring a truly memorable experience.

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