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ONLY YOU HOTEL & LOUNGEMADRID is a premium product from urban brand AYRE HOTELES,part of the PALLADIUM HOTEL GROUP.Aiming to innovate, the hotel is the surprisingfusion of boutique hotel and the current trendsin lifestyle establishments. The hotel, designed by renowned interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, satisfies clients wishing to stay in warmer and more sophisticated settings.
With its practical luxury focusing on small details, far from showiness and opulence, guests are always the protagonists at ONLY YOU HOTEL & LOUNGEMADRID.The hotel staff are up to date on the latest news in leisure, culture, business and cuisine in the city, making them into true ambassadors for the city. This is a dynamic hotel where customers will constantly enjoy experiences they will want to share.

Brand Mission, Vision and Philosophy
To offer memorable and unique experiences to all our guests, with personalisation as one of our key points and exceeding their expectations as far as possible.
We want ONLY YOU HOTEL & LOUNGE to offer a firm and committed promise of service and experience, building strong long-term relationships and creating bonds between the hotel and its visitors.  

The name Only YOU Hotel & Lounge was born from all our values. “Only YOU”sums up the brand’s true vocation and promise, where guests are considered to be the brand’s only true raison d’être. Thus, personalisation is approached from a sincere natural vocation aimed at satisfying the needs, even unspoken ones, of all ourcustomers, while offering a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience and establishing long-term bonds with each of them.
As a premium product from AYRE HOTELES, we share many of the same values, basedon teams with committed, honest, and reliable members who are clearly people-oriented, just as keen to learn as to teach, obviously good teamworkers, proactive, and above all, optimistic.
Our values determine our behaviour towards our customers and teamsat all times.

Brand Objective
To become a point of reference in the luxury city hotel sector in key destinations, both national and international, highlighting our role as ambassadors for the city and creating true bonds between the hotel and its visitors.

Only YOU Hotel & Lounge stands out for being a boutique hotel in its purest form, welcoming, with a strong personality, elegant interior design, and a perfect combination of eclecticism and a sophisticated cosmopolitan lifestyle.The lounge is the true heart of the hotel, conceived to attract the most sophisticated customers, eager to find new places to share moments of leisure, work, after-work, while enjoying the city’s true cosmopolitan atmosphere.
An exceptional location in a historic building, unique interior design and decor, earlycheck-inguaranteed any time of day with a 24-hour stay format for our guests, latest technology, free premium Wi-Fi, à la cartebreakfasts without time limitations, “Fastbreakfasts”,and a 24-hour gym. These are some of the distinctive values and services of Only YOU Hotel & Lounge Madrid.

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