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We are the meeting point of the citizens of the world.

Of those who begin a phrase in Spanish and end it in English, French or Chinese…You know. A unique club where its members can connect with each other on so many more levels than just a common destination.

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Location, location, location.

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We offer an ideal setting on the shores of the most privileged beaches in the world or in the centre of the most important cities. We are where we want to be.

Bless Hotel Ibiza location
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We are impassioned by all that feeds the soul.

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Like a temple, we open our doors to those who love life. For the hedonists that shamelessly satisfy their desires, for the curious pleasure-seekers, those that live with style, in the here and the now. Our gastronomic guru is Chef Martín Berasategui.

Bless Hotel Madrid restaurant

Contemporary luxury defines us.

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Bless Hotel Madrid rooftop

Our deep concern for absolute comfort is carefully thought out and embodied by every detail, beginning with the pre-stay (and continuing until the next one). We are distinguished by our sensory architecture, an exquisite and vanguard design equipped with the most advanced technology, fabulous experiences and personalised services. We are dynamic and surprising hotels, open for all to enjoy our spaces.