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Feel the lights of Madrid ignite inside you.

BLESS Hotel Madrid

Located in Salamanca, the most emblematic and exclusive neighbourhood of the centre, BLESS Hotel Madrid stands out for its unique style and timeless design, capturing the essence of the capital. We are only steps away from the best attractions, museums and points of cultural interest, designer shops, and nightlife offers.


111 rooms and suites. Each one with unique details. Which will you choose?

Terraza Picos Pardos

There is an undeniable beauty found within contrasts. Nothing is as satisfying as escaping the city only to submerge yourself in the green nature and touch the blue sky. By night or by day, find a moment to disconnect from it all and enjoy life with good company.

Velázquez Boulevard

An extension that forms part of the window displays of the famous Salamanca neighbourhood. A gateway to liberating your muses, it is a meeting point that is home to art expositions, invigorating beauty sessions and intimate secret-confessing coffee dates. An intriguing space for the most hedonist occasions, ideal for extravagant celebrations, captivating meetings, cocktails and invite-only events. A vibrant boulevard with that Broadway feel, where the senses will be aroused to experience the most fascinating curiosities of culture. An alley way that will turn into your secret corner and favourite nook of the Salamanca quarter.

Fetén Club

If distractions are what you are looking for, we invite you to enjoy yourself without limits on the bottom floor of the hotel. An authentic bowling alley awaits you, along with a dimly lit bar with chic decoration, where the clock doesn´t run and time zones disappear.

Restaurante Etxeko Martin Berasategui

Our gastronomic guru is Chef Martín Berasategui. With his 8 Michelin star experience, he presents authentic and healthy creations that truly embody their Basque roots, redefining haute cuisine in his signature restaurants.

Fitnic Gym

Get on the move in our gym and give your body the attention it deserves. Consult with our personal trainer or use the machines at your own pace. Travelling shouldn’t stand between you and your commitment to look and feel great.


Great minds think alike. For this, our meeting rooms are at your disposal for events, conferences and group gatherings. With inspirational and impeccable decoration, as well as cutting-edge technology, our guests are guaranteed to make the most of each occasion. A pleasant business trip sounds good, but experiencing it is even better.