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Удобства и услуги в Bless Hotel Ibiza »

From sunrise to sunset, whether you are looking to relax or to turn up the energy of your holiday, BLESS Collection Hotel Ibiza offers an array of exclusive services and activities to match its impressive facilities. With our non-stop cultural agenda, guests will be anything but bored.

  • Glamourous events and parties, art expositions, live music and performances. 
  • 2 infinity pools, LLum pool bar, a sky lounge and a solarium with Balinese beds.
  • Magnus Soulful Spa, inspired by the traditional herbs of Ibiza, offering massages, aesthetics, luxurious products and amenities, spa packages, plus a pool and tea bar. 
  • Fitnic Power Gym allows guests to keep up with their daily exercise schedule and offers a virtual fitness experience with sweat-box.
  • A vermouth bar to enjoy an authentic taste of Spain and unique Mediterranean inspired drinks.
  • A spacious divisible convention centre for meetings and events of up to 175 people.

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