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VERSUS Lively Lounge

From the first cup of coffee until the last drink before heading out for the night, Versus is a vibrant space where the action never ceases to happen. A contemporary style lounge functioning by day and by night, it opens its doors first thing in the morning for guests to enjoy a magnificent continental buffet or an à la carte breakfast menu, boasting fresh-out-the-oven pastries and the capital’s most luxurious coffee. And, for those who prefer to sleep in, an exquisite brunch awaits them, along with vermouth hour! Arouse your appetite at our elegant bar, serving aperitifs and cocktails created by our nifty bartenders, as well as imported beers, artisan vermouths and high-end wines, all complemented by the best selection of pickled delicacies. In this bustling corner, the action is non-stop as lunch is prolonged until dinner time with the sounds of good music to enjoy the city’s best after-work hub. Indulging in an all-day à la carte menu crafted by Chef Berasategui will be one of the capital’s greatest pleasures. Breakfast Versus dinner, which part of the day will you choose to taste? 


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