Marketing & Sales Coverage

Marketing & Sales Coverage

We grow in step with the digital age. We turn product innovations into client solutions. We enjoy a bird’s eye view of the massive transformation occurring as advertising shifts to mobile and online platforms.

Our webpage operates as an important sales channel and a convenient marketing tool. We have integrated a “Webcome” Package of benefits for booking on our site, optimizing not only our costs but also the user experience, improving the performance and increasing the number of direct reservations via our webpage.

Our two multilingual, 24-hour call-centres, located in Ibiza, Spain, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic offer an unrivalled level of service. We guarantee competitively priced offerings, comprehensive coverage and excellent availability for last minute bookings and busy periods.

Marketing Services:

• We are committed to our presence on Social Media through a powerful engagement strategy. Our specialized Social Media Department and Community Managers are experts in the field and supply information, manage conversations and maintain activity on all our hotels’ profiles.


Comparative Analysis on Spanish Hotels´ Social Media performance in the fourth quarter of 2015, by ICARUS, Epsilon Technologies, presented on Fitur 2016.

• Offline & Online Advertising: Marketing starts with an accurate brand definition and ends with the user. We strive to reach costumers though traditional media and a well-prepared content strategy.

• SEO / SEM: Our SEO/SEM experts provide technical expertise to support our partnerships teams. We define our client´s persona and make sure to deliver an optimal user experience.

• CRM: through the CRM approach, we know better our clients and we can personalize and optimize our communications, services and products, assuring a better experience for them.

• Mobile marketing: our user-friendly apps enable guest to discover all services and facilities of each hotel, book their favorite restaurants, receive alerts for events or meetings, get exclusive prices, chat with other guests and enjoy tailor-made excursions.