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Luxuriate in our hotel in Santo Domingo

Come and see our hotel in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, in the south-east of the island on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. It is known fas a cosmopolitan city of legend, full of history and culture and with an excellent climate, unrivalled natural beauty and many hotels for an enjoyable stay in an outstanding destination.

Famous as being the first city to be founded in the Americas and the seat of administration for the New World, it has great architectural value was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1990. The city holds many attractions, especially the ancient buildings of great historical value from the era of the discovery of America and colonisation, spread across several parts of the city, such as the Colonial City. All visitors can choose from several hotels in Santo Domingo to make the most of the culture and traditions that are everywhere.

There is a wide range of well-known hotels in Santo Domingo to house any number of visitors who fill the streets every year to enjoy its charm, beaches and people. One of the city's most attractive districts is Malecón de Santo Domingo, with its impressive sea views and famous carnival.

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If you stay in our hotels in Santo Domingo you should know: :


To enter the Dominican Republic, you need a current passport and a US$10 tourist card (available at airports).

Tourists with valid visas in their United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Schengen passports only need buy a tourist card.

Further information can be obtained from the Dominican Republic consulate or embassy in your country.

Travel insurance

It is recommended to take out personal travel insurance to cover medical costs, as foreigners must pay for health care.


Tropical climate all year round. The average temperature varies between 25ºC and 31ºC, with the cooler months from November to April, and warmer from May to October.

Health care

No vaccinations are required to enter the country, but it is usually recommended to have:

hepatitis A, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough and MMR.

Vaccinations recommended for special areas:

hepatitis B, influenza, pneumoncoccal, rabies, cholera, typhus.

It is recommended to drink only bottled water and to drink frequently during the day to prevent dehydration.


The official currency in the Dominican peso (RD$).


The local time zone is East Caribbean (UTC -4). Clocks do not change for summertime in the Dominican Republic.


Approximately one million. The metropolitan area has over 3 million people, of which a third live in the capital.


Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Republic.

What can you visit from hotels in Santo Domingo

The hotels in Santo Domingo provide visitors with the best of the island's culture and some of the most impressive beaches in the Caribbean for a very special time. An air of tradition and imprints from the past, the caresses of the Caribbean breeze will ensure you enjoy this wonderful place and take back fantastic memories.

The hotels in Santo Domingo are on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. The famous beaches at Punta Cana, on the east coast, are about four hours away from the city.

One of the most famous beaches in this great country is Boca Chica, in the east, some 30 kilometres from the hotels in Santo Domingo, making it the ideal place for a romantic dinner by the seashore, and very close by in the La Caleta Submarine National Park, excellent for diving.

At just 13 kilometres to the east of Boca Chica is Playa de Guayacanes, and 3 kilometres further east is the Playa de Juan Dolio. They are all near restaurants where you can relax and sip a cocktail.

Surfing fans can find the best waves at Playa Caribe. Over toward the west, you can go to Playa de Palenque and Playa de Nizao.

When you stay in hotels in Santo Domingo you can get to know the capital of the Dominican Republic and its lovely surroundings. The country's politics, economy and culture centre around Santo Domingo. The colonial city preserves the original chequerboard layout and its great architectural value led to it becoming a World Heritage site in 1990 and a must to see. Admire the first cathedral, the first hospital and stroll through streets built in the colonial city; or take the cultural tourist train to imagine how it was 500 years ago and breathe in the atmosphere of the most iconic spots.

It has become the most emblematic and cultural city in the Caribbean. The streets and buildings that you can admire from the hotels in Santo Domingo will make your stay into an enriching experience. Come and see some of the first monuments in the New World, such as the Primada de América cathedral in the Gothic style with Renaissance touches; Parque Colón, the main festival venue for society in the colonial era; the National Pantheon, Puerta del Conde and Alcázar de Colón, the most representative monument of the 16th century; Ozama Fortress and the Casas Reales Museum, built by the Spanish in the colonial era; and the Botanical Gardens, Zoo, El Malecón and the Fine Arts Centre in the Neo-classical style. You can also visit the famous National Aquarium and the caves of Los Tres Ojos, where there are four sulphurous lakes, three of which are in a huge cavern and make for a fun excursion from your hotel in Santo Domingo, as well as being one of the most spectacular places in the region.

Find out about the culture and leisure activities in the hotels in Santo Domingo

The hotels in Santo Domingo are ideal for your dream holiday in a city full of interesting spots to visit. Santo Domingo is a cosmopolitan, modern and avant-garde city with great architectural value. It is a city full of culinary traditions and culture, where you can find many ways to enjoy its charm and various cultural events, such as dance, theatre, photography, cinema and painting.
Traditional Dominican gastronomy arose from Spanish and African influences which took root in the country's social and cultural formation, making it one of the best in the Caribbean. The island has wonderful produce which is used in the most popular dishes like sancocho, a delicious stew of beef, yucca, potatoes, yams, plantains, the yam-like yautía and coriander. The hotels in Santo Domingo and restaurants in the city centre are good places to try out the local cuisine.
The city is full of discos, bars and cafés where you can hear the Dominican merengue and bachata music. The colonial district has some of the best-known ones (Plaza España and Parque Colón); there are also live bands and jazz. Santo Domingo is famous for top performers from South America, Europe and the USA appearing in the large entertainment venues.
Another important area is Avenida George Washington avenue in El Malecón, where the famous Dominican carnival is held in February. The perfect place to feel true Caribbean rhythms throughout the year.
Traditional souvenirs include hand-made items in amber and other semi-precious stones, cigars, rum, coffee and various crafts that can be bought in the hotels in Santo Domingo and elsewhere. The finest local products and souvenirs can be bought in Atarazana, a commercial zone with the best art galleries and shops in Santo Domingo.
The Mercado Modelo market is the largest in Santo Domingo and stands in Avenida Mella. It is a great place with over a hundred stalls where you can buy all kinds of products, food and other local crafts. 
Also Avenida George Washington, Avenida Luperón and Avenida Duarte avenues have shopping centres, shops and fashion boutiques. Together with Avenida Winston Churchill, Avenida Abraham Lincoln and Avenida 27 de Febrero avenues, they are all excellent places to go shopping.

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Our hotel in Santo Domingo

Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino

We offer you the Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino, an elegant five-star hotel in Santo Domingo in one of the best residential areas and a short distance from the colonial part of the city.  There are 298 rooms with modern, sophisticated amenities. The hotel has sports facilities, a gum, a business centre, a swimming-pool, casino, restaurant, bar, 24-hour room service and much more.

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