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Free WiFi access for guests staying at the TRS Yucatan Hotel.

Whether you prefer to stay within the hotel’s exquisite facilities or venture out to explore the surrounding areas, it will be impossible to get bored with the array of activities available. In addition to the live shows, sports and games provided by the hotel and the neighboring Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts, TRS Yucatan Hotel stands out with its exclusive à la carte entertainment, which provides a personalized program specially made for each one of its guests. From snorkeling tours, archery, dance classes or yoga sessions, to cultural activities such as language classes, tours of the outskirts of the hotel or tequila tastings, you can do any type of activity at any time and place. Enjoy entertainment without limits!

Offering these exciting activities and more:
• Diving (in nearby coral reefs, sink holes or Cozumel).
• Snorkeling
• Fishing
• Boat or yacht rental
• Kayak tour
• Paddle board tour
• Archery or riffle shooting
• Tour of the hotel or its outskirts
• Spanish classes
• Tennis or paddle classes
• Volleyball, soccer, ping-pong
• Yoga, Zumba
• Karaoke, video games
• Discover our crocodile nursery


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