Palladium Favorites

Play at Palladium with Raggs program is defenitely a highligh for families. The program´s centerpiece are the Raggs, a musical quintet of colorful, immediately likable dogs who perform catchy songs and promote positive and educational values.

There is a weekly schedule in every destination that includes a character breakfast, a surf-themed dance party and a pirate-themed show. With plenty of audience participation, colorful costumes and eye-catching sets, these shows provide amazing fun for all ages.

The Raggs characters also sing together as The Raggs Band. The rockin' musical group's new live stage show just had its debut at the Palladium's large on-site theaters featuring 10 of the band's hit songs. While the songs are sung primarily in English, there is added commentary in Spanish and Protugueese.

A new children’s resort apparel, Raggs themed line is sold at the Palladium stores throughout the resorts. Little guests can choose between colorful t-shirts, sun hats, swim suits, sun dresses and shorts in toddler and children’s sizes. A perfect souvenir for your child to take home from a memorable vacation.



Raggs is the leader of the band. This canine rock star, lead guitarist and primary vocalist in the band, is full of enthusiasm and positive energy. Friendly, joyful and always ready to throw himself into a new challenge, Raggs is the embodiment of true puppy spirit. He is more than happy to do his chores, unless off course, there is something more fun to do instead. Raggs loves to chase his tail and sniff out new adventures.


Beautiful violet puppy Trilby is a tomboy and a lady at the same time. She loves music, fashion and sports, wants to live life to the fullest and has a great sense of humor. Although very brave, daring and fearless, this puppy girl holds a golden heart. She is everybody´s best friend and always takes care about her band mates. As a true ambassador of high spirits and good vibes, Trilby always sees a light at the end of the tunnel. As a bass guitarist, Trilby throws an impressive performance on stage, with groovy dance moves and amazing, singing talent.


Razzles is the most down-to-earth of the dogs. Always carries a to-do-list up her sleeve, but still manages to find time to enjoy music and dance. She is multitasking and multigifted. When she gets a tambourine in her paws, or jumps in to help Pido on the drums the audience is left speechless! Plus, she sings and dances as a cheerleader! Bossy at times, but also very caring and kind, Razzles is everybody´s mum.


B. Max might be in a wheelchair, but he is definitely the brain of the band. This cheerful keyboardist also plays a saxophone, a trumpet and a guitar. As every genuine problem solver, he is an inventor in his heart and always comes up with a bunch of clever ideas. After dropping his famous line..."I feel an invention coming on!", off he goes to his mysterious invention room that nobody else has ever entered or seen! He firmly avoids a quick fix to problems; according to B-Max you need to walk the road to a real solution with persistence, determination and effort.


Easygoing and cheerful, Pido is the cool dude, the surfer, the chef and the drummer in the band. He enjoys trying new things, loves going to the beach and cooking food for his friends. Pido tends to be confused, even forgetful, then suddenly surprises everybody and comes up with the best ideas with his well-known line "Stand back, brain attack!". If you are looking for a truly unforgettable and spectacular show, the one and only Pido´s surf party is an event you cannot miss.


Exclusive themed Raggs & Friends activities available as part of your amazing all-inclusive vacation. All activities are great fun and free of charge.

Raggs & Friends Breakfast
Pido's surf party
Pirate's Party
T-shirt painting
Making my Pido
Pop Up Shows