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The FIESTA HOTELS & RESORTS hotel chain is launching the new PALLADIUMHOTELS & RESORTS brand. The brand’s philosophy is based on respect for the environment and the highest quality of facilities and services. The two first establishments to appear with this brand name are the Colonial PalladiumGrand Resort & Spa ***** and the Kantenah PalladiumGrand Resort & Spa ***** Eco-resorts. Both are on the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Building design has so respected the area’s habitat that the villas, bungalows and other facilities in the complex are totally integrated into the vegetation there and native species have been conserved in marked off areas. We have thus prevented indiscriminate destruction of vegetation and the resulting disappearance of animals. The 700,000-m2 site is home to 29 different plant species, all used by Maya Shamans for therapeutic purposes, 42 species of birds and 40 species of mammals, some of which have been declared to be in danger of extinction.

A walk along the hotel’s “ecological” paths provides a chance to observe many of the species that live in the complex. A visit to the orchidiary in spring is an opportunity to sense colours and aromas that should not be missed.

Even the most minute details of the hotel’s facilities have been taken care of to give the complex a unique style that makes it different. A thorough study of Spanish colonial and Mayan architecture was therefore carried out. The result is the harmony of the facilities and its surroundings. On the inside of the facilities this harmony has been upheld. The rooms and lobby of the Colonial PalladiumGrand Resort & Spa thus display touches from the period of the Spanish colonists and the influence of Mayan paintings can be seen clearly in the Kantenah PalladiumGrand Resort & Spa.

The main restaurants and the “a la carte” theme restaurants, where dishes from the most select international cuisine are served, are set on real canals. The high quality of the food and their decoration makes a meal in any of them is an unforgettable experience. They are most remarkable for their spaciousness and transparent glass walls. These enable diners to enjoy their food while at the same time admiring the complex’s gardens, pools and corridors. The Japanese “Sumptuori” and Italian “Il vaticano” theme restaurants provide the chance to dine in the cool air above the waters of the pool. Mexican culture can be discovered through its food at “La Adelita” restaurant, which serve Mexico’s best and most typical dishes. Meat lovers will prefer “El Dorado”, where they can eat the most delicious meat dishes.

Four magnificent swimming pools provide different ways of fighting the heat. It is a hard choice deciding whether to take a swim in the large swimming pool “lake” or a more relaxed bathe in the Spa or adult swimming pool, each with their own integrated Jacuzzis. All the swimming pools come with hammocks for sunbathing and enjoying the water at the same time. Children are sure to have a great time in the children’s pool next to the sea. We must not forget to mention the magnificent turquoise waters of the Caribbean and the complex’s 800 metre stretch of private white fine sandy beach.

Next to the Spa, sports lovers can use a fully-equipped gymnasium to do their exercise. There’s no better way of finishing an exercise session than having a sauna and a relaxing bath in the Spa’s Jacuzzis.

A team of expert animators will bring you a full day- and night-time animation programme. This ensures a stay full of leisure and sport. After dinner there is a wide range of things to do: enjoy the great shows being performed in the theatre, have a lively drink in the lobby bars, enjoy board games in the Hemingway bar, a quiet drink in the Churchill bar, dance until the early hours in the disco or admire the starry sky from the beach bar.

This perfect stage to enjoy a true paradise on earth has been given the name PALADIUM. It is definitely a luxury within your reach.

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