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The FIESTA HOTELS & RESORTS chain obtains 2 ICHE Q certifications.

The Fiesta Hotels & Resorts hotel chain has been rewarded for the effort it has been making to enhance quality. Once again, it has fulfilled its objectives. In 2002, the chain put forward two of its hotels for ICHE Q certification. Both the Fiesta Hotel Castell Playa (Minorca) and the Fiesta Hotel Cala Nova (Ibiza) successfully passed the exhaustive audits and last December were awarded the respective certifications by the ICHE. There are now three hotels in the chain that have the distinction of this certification. The Q for quality is a certification awarded by the ICHE (Institute for Spanish Hotel Quality) to hotels that comply with quality standards associated with products, services and environmental management, and that carry out the required procedures for the ongoing improvement of these standards.
Once again, the effort of the hotel chain’s team and its great capacity for teamwork have been the main reasons for success. Special mention should be made to the people in the quality department and especially to Miss Patricia Torres, co-ordinator of Fiesta Hotels & Resorts quality department.
The Fiesta Hotels & Resorts chain continues to make a great investment both in renewing and modernising its facilities and in the ongoing training of its professionals, in order to offer guests an excellent service. This year Fiesta Hotels & Resorts is putting forward the Fiesta Hotel Palmyra (Ibiza) for Q Quality certification, which it is expected to be awarded.

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