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Festival of Santa Rosalia and the Illuminated Stairs, in Sicily.

Traditional festivals, religious ceremonies, street theaters, fireworks and processions marking the Sicilians life as well as the festival of Santa Rosalia and the “Scalla Illuminata“ - the illuminated stairs, traditional festivals which combine religious and popular elements.

The festival of “Scalla Illuminata” begins with the commemoration of S. Giacomo en Caltagirone, in the province of Catania, from the 24th to the 25th of July when a popular celebration returns - one that culminates in the decoration of the town stairs, the stairs of Santa Maria del Monte, with votive candles. Every year the decoration is different and doesn’t refer to a special topic, but rather to stories about the Patron Saint or about the city. The motif is created of the typically colorful Caltagirone ceramics, which are decorated with small candles lit simultaneously. The votive candles are lit all at the same time by the citizens, who after lighting move to the side and give the observing audience an unique and unforgettable experience; the illuminated stairs get alive. 

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