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Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 322, Barcelona

Ayre Hotel Gran Vía

Instalaciones y servicios

    • Sports & Leisure
      • Bares e Restaurantes
      • Bar e Ristoranti
      • Facilities

    Bares e Restaurantes

    Hotel with breakfast, free parking, transportation between hotel and airport / AVE (fast speed train)

    Bar e Ristoranti

    WI-FI in rooms and common areas
    Room Service
    Business Area
    Free water in room per stay. Not replaced for free
    24 hours Parking


    Modern meeting rooms
    Information subject to change.
    * Parking 24 hours - untenured. Rate per car booking Please confirm model and registration number.
    • Sports & Leisure
      • Bars et Restaurants

    Bars et Restaurants

    The best service and most tasty cuisine in a warm restaurant with natural light. It is the nearest Hotel to the FIRA exhibition grounds of Barcelona to enjoy our excellent cuisine without interrupting your workflow