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Luxuriate in our hotel in Cordoba

Have a great time in our hotel in Cordoba and a beautiful city in the heart of Andalusia, which used to be the capital of the Moorish part of Spain. Lying below the Sierra Morena mountains on the banks of the river Guadalquivir are the fertile lowlands rich in cereals, vines and olives. The province has a wealth of historical and artistic heritage where there is space for all cultural trends. Its rural character and nature make this destination an outstanding and very special place to visit. There is a wide choice of accommodation in Cordoba from which to explore magical surroundings and store up unforgettable memories.

It is the perfect mix to enjoy a wonderful time in the hotels in Cordoba and roam around a thousand-year-old city that has the second largest historic town centre in Europe, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. A city that invites you to stroll through its charming streets with their monuments and traditional white houses.  A great wealth and variety of culture can bee seen in the many museums and sculptures near your hotel in Cordoba.  

Some of the sights you can see near our hotels in Cordoba are the Almodóvar castle, of Moorish origin; the mosque and cathedral, the most iconic building of Moorish times, and the Fuente del Rey de Priego fountain, in the spectacular park fringed with poplars, all circling an amazing city declared a World Heritage site. Pretty courtyards filled with flowers and fountains are reminiscent of the Roman and Moorish eras under the spell of cool evenings and picturesque streets.

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If you stay in our hotels in Cordoba you should know: :


Citizens of all European Union countries need to have a national identity card or current passport to enter Spain: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Nationals from countries outside the European Union should enquire about visa requirements at the Spanish embassy in that country.

Travel insurance

No compulsory vaccinations are required to travel to Spain, according to the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs.

EU citizens have the same right to health care as insured Spanish nationals if they present their European health insurance card. Apply for the European health card (EHIC) at Social Security information centres at least 15 days prior to departure. Otherwise, you must take out private medical insurance.

It is recommended to take out travel insurance for faster attention.


The climate is continental Mediterranean with influences from the Atlantic. The maximum temperature can reach over 40ºC in the hottest months of July and August. Minimum temperatures can fall to -8.2ºC in winter.

Health care

Health care can be obtained from:

  • Hospital Los Morales: Ctra. de Los Morales, s/n 14002, Córdoba- 957 01 20 42
  • Hospital Reina Sofía: Avenida Menéndez Pidal, s/n 14004, Córdoba- 957 01 03 80
  • Hospital Provincial: Avenida Menéndez Pidal, s/n 14004, Córdoba- 957 01 16 04

Useful telephone numbers:

  • Prefix: (+34)957
  • Emergency 112
  • Ambulance 061
  • National Police 091
  • Guardia Civil 062
  • Fire service 080

The official currency in Spain is the euro.


The official time in Spain is UTC +1, Madrid, Berlin.


Cordoba has a population of 328,704.


The official language in Cordoba is Spanish.

What can you visit from hotels in Cordoba

Travellers can go on excursions and tours from our hotels in Cordoba to gather unforgettable experiences in contact with nature and the very rural side of an area with a huge historical and artistic heritage littered with monuments and museums.

Close by your hotel in Cordoba are all kinds of places aiming for fun while being aware of the surroundings. Some of these activities take place in the Botanical Gardens, the Water Park, educational farms, the children's City, the Zoo, the Adventure Eco-park and the Equestrian Centre.

Near to the hotels in Cordoba, there are also golf courses for those who wish to do some of their favourite sport at the Pozoblanco Golf Club and the Campo de CórdobaClub.  Another great attraction for horse riders is that they can make the most of the equestrian tourism in this beautiful city, and the shows that are held in historic buildings.

The hotels in Cordoba and its outskirts of hills covered in olive groves, fields of cereals, almonds trees and large vineyards entice you to find out more. The area around Cordoba has three nature reserves in the province. Montoro Cadeña is in the north, Hornachuelos in the west and the Sierras Subbéticas in the south, as well as a large reserve for protected species in the wetlands of the countryside.

Some of the excursions you can take from your hotel in Cordoba include a tour through the beautiful spots in the Sierra Norte mountains where stands Montoro, with its churches dating back to Roman and Visigothic times; Almodóvar and its Mudéjar Gothic castle; and Palma del Río and the monastery of San Francisco. If you continue to the southern valleys, where you can try a glass of wine in Montilla and Moriles, you will certainly find out about the history of Baena and its spectacular Easter celebrations.  You can also explore Priego, the most Baroque part of Cordoba; the lime-washed streets of Cabra; Espejo castle and the square in Aguilar.

Cordoba is a city where strong cross-cultures have given rise to a spectacular place that delights visitors with its iconic monuments. The old town has some of the famous ones, declared an world Heritage site.

Among the most popular and near to the hotels in Cordoba are the mosque and cathedral, one of the its most precious gems and admired worldwide; the Alminar de San Juan with its marble columns and arches in the tower which attracts everyone's gaze; the Roman mausoleums; the fort of the Alcázar of the Catholic monarchs, with its beautiful gardens; the Gothic monastery of San Juan de Valparaíso; the Malmuerta tower and all its history; the largest Roman temple in the city; the Cardenal Salazar hospital: the Torre de la Calahorra tower, one of the most important monuments in the city and which used to be a prison and a school; the Medina Azahara palace, a small town built on the orders of caliph Adb al Rahman III in 929 and a must to visit to round off a memorable stay in our hotels in Cordoba.

The wealth of culture in Cordoba also means that its most interesting museums can be visited from your hotel in Cordoba: The Archaeological Museum, the Casa de Sefarad devoted to the Sephardic-Judaic tradition, the Diocesan Museum and the Bullfighting Museum.

Find out about the culture and leisure activities in the hotels in Cordoba

Our hotels in Cordoba are perfect for getting to know a place that still holds remains from its Roman and Moorish past, as seen in the traditions, wonderful monuments and the cuisine. Cordoba has become the gastronomic capital of Andalusia amid the beauty of the landscape and highly fertile valley.
Cooking in Cordoba is based on its most traditional dishes, whose raw ingredients come from the fields and orchards, cattle and game found in the vicinity. They are all accompanied by wonderful olive oil and the excellent local wine. The most delicious way to savour Cordoban fare is to try casseroled broad beans, scrambled egg and asparagus, casseroled lamb, mountain-style fried breadcrumbs and oxtail stew. There are excellent tapas and the songs and dancing with guitar accompaniment to be enjoyed while the click of heels is heard in the flamenco "tablaos" in the city centre and the Judería district close to your hotel in Cordoba.
The people of Cordoba eagerly look forward to the month of May so they can hold their most traditional festivals, especially the festival of courtyards in Cordoba, dating back over one hundred years and shows off the beautiful courtyards decorated in full Andalusian style. The Cruces de Mayo brings people together in the square in a joyful atmosphere filled with flowers; the fair of Nuestra Señora de la Salud has acts, dances and traditional music from Cordoba; and Holy Week with its processions and routes attracts many visitors, who stay in the hotels in Cordoba.
Cordoba has become a university city with a large number of tourists who can enjoy themselves in the great atmosphere of the many pubs, discos and clubs in the Góngora, La Cuadra and Vial Norte districts, Ciudad Jardín, and the Chinales industrial estate and the Arenal area, which has most of the city's discos.  
Handicrafts are one of the most important products symbolising Cordoba at home and abroad. There is a taste of the past in the souvenirs and mementos, such as foodstuffs, leather, earthenware, pottery and jewellery that are a mixture of the cultures that left their imprint on the city. The city centre is full of places near to your hotel in Cordoba where these can be bought.

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Our hotel in Cordoba

Ayre Hotel Córdoba

We have the Ayre Hotel Córdoba in one of the best residential areas of this beautiful city. This stylish four-star hotel in Cordoba surrounded by lovely gardens with the scent of jasmine, orange blossom and night-flowering jasmine, has 153 exterior rooms, swimming-pool, large events rooms, a fine restaurant and café bar, private car park, sun terrace and excellent service.

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