Palladium Hotel Group · 50th Anniversary

Because in 2020, we all had to postpone celebrations.

Commemorating 50 years is so much more than just that. It’s looking at everything that we’ve accomplished until now and everything that we aim to achieve in the future. It’s offering quality experiences for all ages and preferences. It’s having hotels in captivating cities and paradisiacal destinations. It’s being chosen by our guests over and over again, year after year, check-in after check-in. It’s constantly innovating, allowing surprises to happen at any moment. It’s having everything necessary to be able to experience a dream holiday. It’s being committed to the most important accommodation of all: our planet. And it’s having been vanguard before, being it now and being it tomorrow as well.

It’s all of this and everything that’s yet to come.
Because celebrating 50 years is just the beginning.