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Ecological tourism: Turtle nesting in Praia do Forte.

The Grand Palladium Imbassaí Resort & Spa, which opens in June this year, is located in Praia do Forte (Salvador de Bahia, Brazil). This tourist village, also known as the "Brazilian Polynesia" is a paradise for ecotourism. Along with blue whales, the giant sea turtle is the most prominent in the area and the spectacular turtle nesting occurs in these waters.
A few years ago, Praia do Forte was one of many fishing villages of northeastern Brazil. Today, however, it is an example of nature protection combined with the development of first class tourist infrastructure. Despite its changes, the village retains a tropical atmosphere full of rustic charm with all the amenities for tourism. All this has been possible thanks to the ecological culture of its inhabitants and the respect for the environment and nature of investors in the area. Those traveling to Salvador de Bahia in Praia do Forte, can stay at the Grand Palladium Imbassaí, which allows guests to witness first hand this unforgettable natural experience.

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