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Protecting Puerto Vallarta's environment

Every year, between the months of July and November, thousands of sea turtles come to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta looking for the best place to lay their eggs.  After a really long transcontinental journey, female turtles come back to the beaches where they were born to lay their future offsprings.  After 45 and 60 days, the eggs finally hatch, and these vulnerable baby turtles, measuring only 5 centimeters, come out to face lots of dangers during their first days of life. Unfortunately, only one out of every 5,000 turtles actually makes it to adulthood. 
Out of the eight species known to man, seven come to Mexican waters to lay their eggs.  That is why the Mexican government has taken really important measures for their protection, including the now famous turtle camps. Specialists build artificial nests to place the eggs and protect them from their main predators.  These camps also have programs that patrol the beaches at night and help baby turtles make it to the ocean. Any nature lover can actually participate in these daily “free baby turtles” events, free of charge, during hatching season on the beaches where these protection programs are based.  After a brief series of instructions, participants have the chance to “free” one baby sea turtle a few meters from the ocean.
We invite guests staying in our Palladium Resorts in Puerto Vallarta to lend a hand and help protect this fascinating specie.

Protecting Puerto Vallarta's environment

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