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Jamaica celebrates Christmas.

Among the most famous celebrations in Jamaica the visitor can enjoy the “Grand Market” and Jonkonnu.  Latter is a traditional Christmas celebration, where people parade dressed up through the streets. The Grand Market is a community fair, characterized by meals, street dances, crafts and music.
Jamaican holiday culinary tradition includes dishes like rice with beans gung, chicken, beef tails, curried goat and roasted ham.

The traditional Jamaican Christmas dish includes rice with beans, chicken, beef tails, curried goat and roasted ham.

The Jamaicans do not forget their "holiday cheer" either, also known as white rum. However, the favorite drink on the island during this period is the “sorrel”. The fruit of sorrel is the main ingredient of this sweet and reddish drink, which also includes ginger, cloves and Jamaican pepper.

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