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Fiesta Hotel Cala Nova obtains ISO 14001:1996 certification for environmental management systems.

In January this year, Fiesta Hotel Cala Nova was issued ISO 14001:1996 certification for Environmental Management Systems. This certification was granted by TÜV International, a certification and auditing company with a global reputation, which  is authorised to carry out certification and verification audits on environmental management systems in line with the ISO 14001 standard and/or the European Parliament's EMAS regulations.

This certification is the reward for all the efforts made by the team at Fiesta Hotel Cala Nova (Masi Prats, Juan Salazar, Carmen Juan, Carmen San Pelayo, José Yagüe, Vicente Ferrer, Gonzalo Quintana, Martín Grna and Salvador Fernández, besides many others) and the head of the environmental department of the Fiesta Hotels & Resorts chain (Julia Ferrer). Thanks to their exceptional work, the goals and objectives set have been successfully achieved.

Fiesta Hotel Cala Nova has raised the bar for the coming season, proposing even more ambitious goals and objectives. As well as continuing to raise the awareness of all its staff and guests about the importance of working together to take care of the environment, it plans to fit green recycling points on every floor of the hotel. Posters will be put up and leaflets handed out to inform guests that these points have been fitted and where they are. There are also plans to encourage cycling and provide information about hiking routes and the island’s indigenous flora and fauna.

With this certification, the Fiesta Hotels & Resorts chain has demonstrated its commitment to improving quality standards and its commitment to the Environment.  Four of the chain’s hotels in Ibiza are already certified: three hold Q certification for Quality Tourism granted by ICHE, the Spanish Institute for Hotel Quality (Fiesta Hotel Cala Llonga, Fiesta Hotel Castell Playa and Fiesta Hotel Cala Nova) and one is certified for Environmental Management Systems (Fiesta Hotel Cala Nova). The chain will continue to make large financial investments and dedicate human resources to this area so that its hotels comply with all the quality and environmental standards.

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