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Whale watching seasons starts in Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Every year, from December to April, thousands of humpback whales from Iceland, Greenland, Canada and North America come down to the warm waters of the Caribbean and Central Pacific Ocean to offer their majestic mating rituals. Male whales, weighing more than 40 tons, leap out of the ocean to dazzle female whales with their spectacular jumps and songs. The females, after watching their acrobatic performances, chose the strongest candidate to be the father of their offspring. If the males don’t succeed, they try to seduce them with a song that only females can hear within a 30 km radius. After giving birth, whales swim back North. In some ship logs dating back to the XVIII and XIX Centuries, the Bahía de Banderas, located in the central coast of the Mexican Pacific Ocean, appears as “Bay of the Humpback Whales” due to the amount of whales that visit this area during winter. Humpback whales also visit the Samaná coastline in Dominican Republic each year from February to March. They travel down from North America searching for the warm Dominican waters in order to mate, reproduce and get their offspring ready for the long journey back north. Humpback whales are very curious. They spontaneously get really close to ships and swim around them while offering a spectacular show. Thousands of visitors join in this unforgettable experience along the Puerto Vallarta and Samaná coasts. We highly recommend guests stating in our Palladium Resorts in Nayarit Riviera, México, and Playa Bávaro, Dominican Republic, not to miss this great opportunity of watching these magnificent beasts in their natural habitat. You will find information in our hotels about the different tours available in the area.

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