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Ayre Hoteles website wins two desing awards

Ayre Hoteles' website has recently been recognized by the Internet Advertising Competition Awards (IAC) and the Horizon Interactive Awards (HIA).
The new design of the Ayre Hoteles website has won first prize in the Outstanding Website category of the IAC for its innovative features. These awards have recognized the visual impact of its navigation which encourages users to search for information about the hotels in a very dynamic way. The intuitive design has also been highlighted because it offers the possibility of "flying" from section to section and check out available content with ease. 
Users can find interactive sections on pages that feature “Parallax Scrolling” which turns the visit into a fun experience. The clean-cut design, which can be appreciated throughout the site, has also played an important part in receiving this award because it highlights the user-friendly navigation and content accessibility. 
The www.ayrehoteles.com website has also received the bronze award in the Web Travel & Tourism category at the Horizon Interactive Awards. The HAI is a prestigious international competition recognizing the best web sites, videos, online advertising, print media and mobile applications.
Award-winning eMascaró Tourism has designed and programmed the Ayre Hoteles site. Some of their previous recognitions include Laus Awards, American Design Awards and CSS Design Awards.

Ayre Hoteles website wins two desing awards

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